So long, and Thanks for all the fish!

The time has come to bid adieu and move on. I have decided to leave cognizant. This was my first job and the days spent at cognizant will definitely be something to remember and cherish. During my stay here at cognizant I got the time to stop and assess myself. I was able to get a hold on new perspectives that helped shape me (hopefully for the good ;) ). I got the chance to get to meet some really smart people and made some really good friends for life. The channel one blogs in cognizant were a source of great fun especially during my training days at cognizant. The kick ass 'empowered' sessions were a great learning and bonding experience. One of the things you tend to notice when you are at a company like cognizant, is the fact that different people across the vertical/organization seem to be solving variants or maybe different instances of the same problem, most of the time and they are so disconnected. This is sad, because you feel helpless that you cant seem to do much about it. Maybe I was just being plain lazy, by telling myself that its not my problem. Interestingly, I think this problem probably stems from the way an organization looks at revenue. In what may be is very crude terms, I think an IT services company probably looks at revenue as something like:

"more clients with problems => more resources to contract => more revenue"

You might want to point that there are groups of people (center of excellence etc) trying to come out with stuff to fix problems at a more generic scale across the organization but I think that’s a negligible number in comparison. A software product company instead looks at revenue completely differently. They go more like, "Hey that looks like a problem, can we come up with product that fixes similar problems?", and because of this intrinsically different way of looking at revenue, I think, break-through innovation is more likely to happen at a software product company. Of course, we need take risk potential into account, which is why they say building products is a risky business in comparison to providing services. Now that said, I also believe there is amazingly great potential to develop products at a totally different scale within a services company like cognizant. IF, and that is a big IF, only you could figure out a way to build a great community across the organization, somehow integrate everybody across a vertical, somehow! That would be an amazing feat to see. Talking about a Community and software development reminds me of FOSS. It also reminds me that I should stop, I digress too much!!

Bottom line: I have put in my papers and will be joining Amazon soon. I ll be working for something around the Amazon Kindle at their Chennai dev center. The very prospect of working with some of the smartest people in the industry sounds exciting. I think I had gotten a little too comfortable during my stay at cognizant and hope to learn a lot of new things that make my brain hurt (in a good way of course). Clichéd as it may sound, change is inevitable. You cant evolve if you resist change, I say!


Do the stars really determine my actions and the world around me? Do the planets really determine my compatibility with other people? Okay, I am not really pondering about how good astrology is anyway or if it works at all! My question merely is; what good is it anyway?! What good is a life where you consult your astrologer before you take a crap? I wonder, if it is a good time to wash my bottom. We do like to be in control of our lives don’t we? But surprising as it my sound, I think many of us are afraid of being in control of their lives. It is sometimes easier to take orders from someone than to take all the hard decisions yourself. You can always blame them if things go wrong. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Sample this hypothetical situation:

You have a problem and you go decide to go an astrologer for some reason this time. No, of course he doesn’t give you a solution to your problem. He doesn’t give you a different perspective or help you solve the problem at all. Instead the astrologer enables you, to take *your* shoddy problem and help you blame the darned *planets* for it! Voila! It isn’t your problem anymore! You don’t even have to bother looking for a solution now. Searching for a solution won’t help anyway, bad stuff happened to you because it had to happen, not because you did anything wrong, No sir! That darned project was doomed to fail anyway and there was nothing you could have done to stop it. Heck! You are not lazy; laziness is in your natal charts! Good time is just around the corner; let me sit my lazy ass down until then. As you can see, astrology can have amazingly therapeutic effects and eventually you are somebody who doesn’t do things because you want to, you do things because you are supposed to. You not only surrender your problems, you also surrender your mind and your life to astrology in the process. And before you know it you are slave to astrology! Life could be worse really! Imagine, you being in control of your own life. Imagine having to take the blame for all your misdoings. Imagine not being able to be in a position to blame it on the charts. All you will probably have do is tip the astrologer and maybe flash a  22.1023K gold ring with a sapphire crystal before you pee, but it’s all good.

Eleanor Roosevelt beautifully summed up the purpose of life.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Without free-will none of this makes any sense! Astrology is evil because it takes away from you, your free will, and your right to think or act on your own! You are a slave to something and you don’t even know it! Next time you do something, Stop and, ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. It’s easy to say “Don’t do things blindly” but as simple as it may sound, it is sad to see so many people go astray, and get manipulated/influenced by not just astrology, but various other things on an every day basis. Wake up. Life awaits you.

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