Of Beaches and Ice Creams

Sit down on the sand, facing the infinite array of dancing waves that come towards you with vigor and then as if in submission die down at the shoreline, you feel unusually serene. You posterior feels a little uncomfortable though. You try to adjust yourself to better suit you and yet the feeling of someone jabbing your rear end with a stick does not go away. Stirred up by this you investigate to find the culprit, an ear of grilled corn that was gnawed on for a considerable amount of time and strategically placed under your ass. Ah! Beaches are certainly wonderful places that they are.

Last week I was at besant nagar beach doing what you do at a beach. Kite flying, eat bajji, the usual running by the shoreline and then there is the occasional throwing-a-friend-into-the-water. In one word it can all be simply described as “Fun”. So here we are having fun and I realize that you can’t have fun without ice-creams. No sir, not quite possible if there is an Ice cream vendor in your vicinity! Hence I walk on the nearest kwality walls ice cream wala to have an ice cream. I figure out I want the almond fudge ice cream. Voila! I was hogging on the almond fudge ice cream with the wrapper in one hand and then more or less seventy five seconds later process of ice cream eating was done. I turn to the ice-cream seller and look for a dustbin that these ice cream vendors around the beach usually carry with their ice cream stand. Not able to find one attached, I gently ask the guy “Dustbin illaiya?” He extends his hand as if to ask for something and grunts. He seems to want my ice cream wrapper which I hand over to him with a smile. He shifts to the side of the ice cream stand thingy and drops the wrapper. “Silly of me not to notice the dustbin on the other side”, I say to myself as I move to notice the non-existent waste bin. Alas! The guy simply threw it on the beach! What a waste! I am infuriated but who is to blame? Why is that that we do not have any bins whatsoever over the beach I ponder? Last time I had to carry the ice cream wrapper to the road side bin to drop it, and if you were on the other side of the beach, I’d say it was quite a walk. It was nice to notice ice cream vendors carrying nifty waste bins attached to their stands, the little part they play to keep the place clean. Anyways how difficult is it to carry, the shit you are responsible for, to the huge bin on the main road? Not a Herculean task I suppose. People like to talk of cleaner beaches in other foreign countries but the I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same person dropping a chocolate wrapper on the besant nagar beach. Agreed that it is very alluring to drop our shit and leave the cleaning to someone else, but at what cost?

I guess that’s the way it is! Lets fill the place up with trash until a bunch of service minded people from a large MNC{read:TCS} cant stand the scene and decide to clean it up. Newspapers laud these young lads time and again but if it weren’t for our trash, there wouldn’t be anything to clean and its no fun cleaning up an already clean beach is it?

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