Tagged AGAIN?!

Doesn't come as a surprise that revathi has tagged me yet again so that I get off my ass and in an attempt to complete the tag, revive this dormant blog of mine.

This tag requires me to pen down a bit about myself. Now how difficult is that? I do not know about normal people but when you are as ignorant as me, self introspection is the last thing you should be doing. Oh well here goes nothing.

Six whatever s about me:

What is a whatever? Frankly this little tag gives not set of rules. There sure is quite some ambiguity which i shall use to my benefit :P

1. I think out aloud sometimes. Chalo, Lets put it differently , I talk to myself. Not often but I do talk to myself. At times I debate with myself, but well thats a very rare thing.
2.I am riding the bike and as people overtake me and give me the wtf-you-think-you-are-doing-look. OK ok! I missed the part where I am listening to music on the earphones, let my hands go, and sway with the fast paced song as the bike is cruising at 70km/hr.When you are on a bike with the right music , the right mood and the road being sufficiently empty[OH! I am cautious you see] try this! Its an exhilarating experience. Trust me!
Err actually dont try that! Dont SUE me if you break your head!
3.I am sitting in front of the computer and chatting away to glory when my mom is screaming my name out loud for the tenth time.I come out of my trance and react just before I get my ass kicked. SIGH! I can do only one thing at a time. I have this one track mind that somehow i cannot concentrate for more than one thing at a time.I can hear the other person screaming but it takes me a while to process it. I guess i don't have a very good preemptive scheduler.
4.I am color blind. I cannot differentiate between certain shades of yellow/green and between certain shades of brown. For this fact I avoid describing anything by giving names to its various colors and the like.
5.I cannot sing. Forget singing! I talk in monotone. My voice is lifeless, I realized that only after I heard a recorded me talking. I somehow talk in an assumption that people who know me understand me and about who dont, oh well I am sorry I cant help it. I try to wish a certain someone "Happy Birthday" , I sound like I am half asleep, I hate the person and I am wishing them just because I am being forced to.
6.Its very difficult for me to wake up, I really need minimum 10 hour sleep. If you let me sleep I would wake up only at 6 in the evening and that too because of a grumbling stomach. I missed the first hour of college almost 50 percent of the time. I always used to show up at 10.30 or so college. I used to dream of waking up at 6 in the morning, get ready, have breakfast on time and go cooly to college before time at least on one day! It never happened.But now I see that changing. I am attempting to fiddle my internal clock until I get things right just to change things.

Five Things I miss write now:

Okay here goes in no particular order,
1.My mom's cooking! Home Food, Oh boy! I do miss home food more than anything.
2.I miss coimbatore, I love that city. Miss riding down the coimbatore roads with cool wind hitting your face.
3.I miss being with family. Not that I dont like being with friends mind you, this is a totally different thing :D
4.This one suddenly popped up from nowhere, I now miss playing team double catcher [Our appartment's customized version of hide and seek] It sure was fun! Good ol times!
5.I totally miss the dhaba we used to own at coimbatore. Sure was a jolly good time.

Ten Things that I want to achieve in a decade:

I could sum up the ten things in one line, "Break free from laziness, Get productive, GET A LIFE!" BBut let get a specific here, targets are nothing if not specific.

1.Learn a couple new programing languages, contribute to atleast one project on source forge. Learn a few dynamic algorithms properly.
2.Learn to cook. When I say cook , I mean at least a decent three course north indian meal.
3.Learn the guitar. At least learn the guitar so much that I can kneel down and play a nice romantic song when the need arises :P
4.Do more treks this year. Go on at least one trek to himalayas. Go kayaking, rafting and the like. Visit the north, explore south east india. Go on atleast one 8-10 day biking trip.
5.Get regular to the gym.
6.Learn dancing. Go for a dance class. Shake off the I-cant-dance inhibition.
7.Start a Dhaaba!!
8.Read at least 100 books over the decade. Which sounds like very less. But that sure is a big number for me.
9.Learn a foreign language. Atleast one!
10.Learn photography. Get a DSLR, Get good at photography.Learn photoshop.

5 people swore after reading this post:

July 28, 2008 at 12:47 PM Revathi said...

100 books a decade. Hmmm. Which means 10 books a year and say 1 book a month (with a two month vacation in between). I remember giving u three books one month back. u haven’t finished even one. Are these ur two vacation months Jass?? :P. Forget 100. Keep a target of 10. Bohot hai!! :P. ek saal ka ek book. Actually considering the fact that u have been having atlas shrugged for an year 10 hi zyada hai!! :P
// explore south east india.
U mean north east don’t ya?
Nice post BTW. Thanks for doing the tag!! :)

July 28, 2008 at 12:47 PM Revathi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
August 21, 2008 at 8:08 PM Jaya S said...

Interesting. That is quite an autobiography. I hope you get to do atleast some of those things you've planned...maybe the 100 books :-).

August 22, 2008 at 10:04 PM >>Jass<< said...

Yay ! I have a commenter! Some body commented on my dead blog! Yay!

Interesting? Did you actually say interesting? Whoa ! Thats like a real compliment ain't it? :D

Thanks! I will do the 100 for sure! :D

[Pretends he dint read revathi's insulting comment. Note to self, Come back and comment when you are done reading 100]

August 27, 2008 at 10:48 PM Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

Ye a dhaaba owner?? yahaan OMRmein business karenge kya?? We both as partners?? wat say pal?? ;-)
And doode!! I thought you already knew photography!! Silly me ;-)
And well, You being not a voracious reader strikes me odd...Thought you 'd be one of those real bookworms!! Nice random read this made pal!!
And chal write something more often you lazy goof (author stressing on the last word :-P)


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