Tagged Again!

Helllo People!

The last time i was here, it was because revathi tagged me. This time its sree.

Its a sad tag!
And when I say sad , I really mean sad.

I am supposed to turn to page 123 of a book near me , scroll to the fifth line and type the next 3 lines here. Now why would anyone want to read those three lines?

I am seated on my dingy bed , in my room as i notice the book nearest to me is "Atlas shrugged" by ayn rand. The pages are dogeared. The guy who loaned it to me saw the condition and cried out loud. I am to buy him a new book! BAH! I will not. :)

Being the voracious reader that I am, I am half way through this book and have been reading it from 6 months now. I have done like 4-5 sessions of reading. *grin* Okay now back to the tag. The three lines in atlas shrugged are boring. Now i turn to this other book. This is called "The DILBERT principle". Another book I stopped reading halfway. SIGH! Am i lazy or what? :)

PRELUDE [Page 122]

A man comes into a woman's office and offers to show her a report. The woman responds by saying, "Well I m a little busy right now"
Undeterred by this mild rebuff , the man will pull up a chair and proceed to chew up an hour of the woman's valuable time. Eventually the woman's productivity will be devoured by an endless parade of men who would rather talk to her than do work. Her career will begin death spiral, until eventually she becomes a bag lady.

Okay lets turn to what scott adams has to say on page 123. The tag requires me to write only lines 6,7 and 8 but I m going to be a spoil sport as usual and write the whole paragraph.

PAGE 123

A man comes into a woman's office and offers to show her a report. The woman responds by saying, "Ah shove it up your ass and die."
The man will be momentarily shocked. It is unlikely that he will pull up a chair. Nor will he experience any bonding. He will probably back slowly out the door. The woman's productivity will skyrocket.
But what about repercussions? The woman might someday need a favor from the man she verbally abused. Fortunately for her, all men are trained at birth to accept verbal abuse from women and get over it rather quickly.
And in the unlikely event that the man shows some hesitation to be helpful in the future, the situation can be smoothed over with the simple communication technique of saying "Do it now or I ll rip off your nuts and shove them down your throat."

MORAL OF THE STORY: Women who swear will fly up the corporate ladder faster than you think :)

4 people swore after reading this post:

June 28, 2008 at 10:16 PM Revathi said...

If ur moral is true, I oughta be the CEO of the company i work for then (Frank if you are reading this, no offence intended!!:P)

Nice post and voracious reader i must agree!! :P
you havent tagged anyone??

June 28, 2008 at 10:22 PM >>Jass said...

Get this right into your head lady, You dont swear ! :)

And yeah I have decided once and for all , that I am the tag killer. All tags can and will end with me. Unless I want otherwise :)

June 29, 2008 at 1:37 PM Sreeram Shenoy said...

Loved the way u drafted it dude...the moral was fitting!! :)
Thanks for picking the tag (should I take it back for ending it? :P)!! :D

July 25, 2008 at 12:54 AM anu said...

Chuckle...I dont swear but I loved it!!!


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