Music can be the best prozac?

Do you have a magic song? A song that you can relentlessly keep listening to no matter what, no matter if this is the only song on your playlist repeating for the zillionth time?

I have this weird habit of a one-song-playlist, You may find this weird or not but that’s me. :-P

I am currently listening to “wish you were here” by pink floyd for the zillionth time in a row this week. I am no pink floyd fan or I don’t swear by any particular singer or band for that matter but what I am trying to say is that this song is like magic for me right now, this song takes me to a different dimension altogether! From the moment the first chord strikes to the last second of the song is an awesome experience, It is something I can never pen down into words maybe because I live in a very abstract world or maybe this is such an abstract experience which has to be only felt or simply because I am short of words hehe

Have you ever felt music take you to a different dimension altogether, take you high? I have!

You just have to give in to the song and it will carry you away to a different world, you may cry with the song if It wants you to and if you are already in a sad mood a song may take you the heights of joy you might never have imagined. Trust me; songs can be the best Prozac ever!

Jeez! it sounds like I am drunk and blabbering, I don’t know why I would even wanna post this shit *dorky-grin*

Anyways coming back to ‘wish you were here’ , You can feel the power of the singer the moment he starts with “So, so you think you can tell? Heaven from hell, blue skies from pain…. A smile from a veil”, MAN! The lyrics leave me in awe. The guitar couldn’t be more influential on my little mind, and then when he goes to “How I wish, how I wish you were here…” The song takes control of you completely and you feel the pain of the singer who is probably missing someone very close to him. At first I dint like this song so much but now as the song is ending I find myself hitting the back button and voila there I am listening to the song yet again and enjoying every bit of it.

Thank you Pink Floyd!

P.S- Thanks for putting up with my crap. Muchos gracias! :P

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January 13, 2008 at 6:13 PM Mahesh said...

Yes, vey true. Music is my best company is whichever state my mind is. And as to this song, well even I am no * big* (Caution - big is a relative term!) fan of floyd but I guess thats where the trick is - having low expectations when u start off with a song / band and then comes a song that totally blows you away only for you to get addicted :)

And being such a big music fan, you have to try songbird / songza / spotify (which is in private beta)

January 13, 2008 at 6:19 PM >>Jass said...

Songza is that like similar to this ? I was using that for a while but i mostly offline these days and it takes me quite sometime to like new songs, but yeah great idea to share music taste and discover new music.... Anyways dude listen on and stay addicted, thanks for dropping by ...


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