Monday blues ...

It’s a Monday morning; you come to consciousness at Eleven am with a stiff neck, your head still resonating from last night’s blaring music. Your neck hurts as you try to get up and then you decide its better to stay put on the bed. Besides it’s a Monday morning! Nobody goes to work on a Monday! (Err they still do?) and hence you convince yourself to go back to sleep for another 5 minutes which eventually turn to 30. At eleven thirty you realize you have got to deposit money in the bank else the cheque that you have issued towards credit card bill payment would bounce due to insufficient funds. Reluctantly you wake up cursing the credit card company, the clock, and whatsoever is remotely related with the fact of getting you out of the bed.

Ok enough of you-person-perspective and abstract writing. Although it sounds like I have had a hangover from excessive alcohol consumption; I assure you, that is definitely not the case.


Yesterday I had been to IIT Madras’ yearly cultural fest called Saarang for the rock show. The two bands for the evening were a Singapore based band called firebrands and another Delhi based band called prestorika. Firebrands had a dj et al which typically reminds me of linkin park but then who cares about that. Anyways the point is that last thing I was expecting them to play was a pink floyd number but they did it. They played a slightly improvised version of ‘another brick in the wall’. They also did various other covers like ‘one step closer’ by Linkin park and ‘wake up’ by rage against the machines which I felt was more their style… Next up was prestorika who started with an immaculate “Sandman” by Metallica which got the crowd in the Mosh Pit wooing and screaming along with the lead singer. Now Speaking of Mosh Pit, It is definitely something you have to experience! Initially I was on the sidelines but then as firebrands got into the groove and people in the Mosh Pit grew insane, I jumped into the Mosh Pit giving vent to head banging and air-guitar-ing as crazy as ever! Let go of all inhibitions and go crazy with the music! T-o-Tally insane but it was fun! The head-banging gives you delusions of floating in space hehe Remember when you were child and used to go rotating in circles with your hands in the air? This is a similar experience albeit you flow with the music. You scream the lyrics if you know, you scream similar sounding gibberish if you don’t, but you are in a trance for that moment, or maybe hypnosis with music as your master. ;) Maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit here but yeah a similar state, that... Later prestorika shifted to more of megadeth and heavy metal tending to death metal which went beyond my head, it was tiring now, I looked at the energetic crowd with awe. Although I only wanted to stay a wee bit longer I had to leave…..

The case was something like this

Me: {Imagine: a completely wasted guy in a bar pleading for one more drink }

One more number guys?

Friends: Gotta go! It’s almost over anyway {read: That’s what you ve been telling from the last two songs}

Me: Yeah anyways my neck aches {read: Giving in Helpless}, but you know a wee bit longer wouldn’t hurt would it? {grin}

*Friends thought they heard me say ‘lets go’ and thus leave in a hurry*

60 seconds later I follow…

P.S: I shall upload a few shaky low-light pics I managed to take later… So watchout :P

Music can be the best prozac?

Do you have a magic song? A song that you can relentlessly keep listening to no matter what, no matter if this is the only song on your playlist repeating for the zillionth time?

I have this weird habit of a one-song-playlist, You may find this weird or not but that’s me. :-P

I am currently listening to “wish you were here” by pink floyd for the zillionth time in a row this week. I am no pink floyd fan or I don’t swear by any particular singer or band for that matter but what I am trying to say is that this song is like magic for me right now, this song takes me to a different dimension altogether! From the moment the first chord strikes to the last second of the song is an awesome experience, It is something I can never pen down into words maybe because I live in a very abstract world or maybe this is such an abstract experience which has to be only felt or simply because I am short of words hehe

Have you ever felt music take you to a different dimension altogether, take you high? I have!

You just have to give in to the song and it will carry you away to a different world, you may cry with the song if It wants you to and if you are already in a sad mood a song may take you the heights of joy you might never have imagined. Trust me; songs can be the best Prozac ever!

Jeez! it sounds like I am drunk and blabbering, I don’t know why I would even wanna post this shit *dorky-grin*

Anyways coming back to ‘wish you were here’ , You can feel the power of the singer the moment he starts with “So, so you think you can tell? Heaven from hell, blue skies from pain…. A smile from a veil”, MAN! The lyrics leave me in awe. The guitar couldn’t be more influential on my little mind, and then when he goes to “How I wish, how I wish you were here…” The song takes control of you completely and you feel the pain of the singer who is probably missing someone very close to him. At first I dint like this song so much but now as the song is ending I find myself hitting the back button and voila there I am listening to the song yet again and enjoying every bit of it.

Thank you Pink Floyd!

P.S- Thanks for putting up with my crap. Muchos gracias! :P


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