Of Beaches and Ice Creams

Sit down on the sand, facing the infinite array of dancing waves that come towards you with vigor and then as if in submission die down at the shoreline, you feel unusually serene. You posterior feels a little uncomfortable though. You try to adjust yourself to better suit you and yet the feeling of someone jabbing your rear end with a stick does not go away. Stirred up by this you investigate to find the culprit, an ear of grilled corn that was gnawed on for a considerable amount of time and strategically placed under your ass. Ah! Beaches are certainly wonderful places that they are.

Last week I was at besant nagar beach doing what you do at a beach. Kite flying, eat bajji, the usual running by the shoreline and then there is the occasional throwing-a-friend-into-the-water. In one word it can all be simply described as “Fun”. So here we are having fun and I realize that you can’t have fun without ice-creams. No sir, not quite possible if there is an Ice cream vendor in your vicinity! Hence I walk on the nearest kwality walls ice cream wala to have an ice cream. I figure out I want the almond fudge ice cream. Voila! I was hogging on the almond fudge ice cream with the wrapper in one hand and then more or less seventy five seconds later process of ice cream eating was done. I turn to the ice-cream seller and look for a dustbin that these ice cream vendors around the beach usually carry with their ice cream stand. Not able to find one attached, I gently ask the guy “Dustbin illaiya?” He extends his hand as if to ask for something and grunts. He seems to want my ice cream wrapper which I hand over to him with a smile. He shifts to the side of the ice cream stand thingy and drops the wrapper. “Silly of me not to notice the dustbin on the other side”, I say to myself as I move to notice the non-existent waste bin. Alas! The guy simply threw it on the beach! What a waste! I am infuriated but who is to blame? Why is that that we do not have any bins whatsoever over the beach I ponder? Last time I had to carry the ice cream wrapper to the road side bin to drop it, and if you were on the other side of the beach, I’d say it was quite a walk. It was nice to notice ice cream vendors carrying nifty waste bins attached to their stands, the little part they play to keep the place clean. Anyways how difficult is it to carry, the shit you are responsible for, to the huge bin on the main road? Not a Herculean task I suppose. People like to talk of cleaner beaches in other foreign countries but the I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same person dropping a chocolate wrapper on the besant nagar beach. Agreed that it is very alluring to drop our shit and leave the cleaning to someone else, but at what cost?

I guess that’s the way it is! Lets fill the place up with trash until a bunch of service minded people from a large MNC{read:TCS} cant stand the scene and decide to clean it up. Newspapers laud these young lads time and again but if it weren’t for our trash, there wouldn’t be anything to clean and its no fun cleaning up an already clean beach is it?

Tagged AGAIN?!

Doesn't come as a surprise that revathi has tagged me yet again so that I get off my ass and in an attempt to complete the tag, revive this dormant blog of mine.

This tag requires me to pen down a bit about myself. Now how difficult is that? I do not know about normal people but when you are as ignorant as me, self introspection is the last thing you should be doing. Oh well here goes nothing.

Six whatever s about me:

What is a whatever? Frankly this little tag gives not set of rules. There sure is quite some ambiguity which i shall use to my benefit :P

1. I think out aloud sometimes. Chalo, Lets put it differently , I talk to myself. Not often but I do talk to myself. At times I debate with myself, but well thats a very rare thing.
2.I am riding the bike and as people overtake me and give me the wtf-you-think-you-are-doing-look. OK ok! I missed the part where I am listening to music on the earphones, let my hands go, and sway with the fast paced song as the bike is cruising at 70km/hr.When you are on a bike with the right music , the right mood and the road being sufficiently empty[OH! I am cautious you see] try this! Its an exhilarating experience. Trust me!
Err actually dont try that! Dont SUE me if you break your head!
3.I am sitting in front of the computer and chatting away to glory when my mom is screaming my name out loud for the tenth time.I come out of my trance and react just before I get my ass kicked. SIGH! I can do only one thing at a time. I have this one track mind that somehow i cannot concentrate for more than one thing at a time.I can hear the other person screaming but it takes me a while to process it. I guess i don't have a very good preemptive scheduler.
4.I am color blind. I cannot differentiate between certain shades of yellow/green and between certain shades of brown. For this fact I avoid describing anything by giving names to its various colors and the like.
5.I cannot sing. Forget singing! I talk in monotone. My voice is lifeless, I realized that only after I heard a recorded me talking. I somehow talk in an assumption that people who know me understand me and about who dont, oh well I am sorry I cant help it. I try to wish a certain someone "Happy Birthday" , I sound like I am half asleep, I hate the person and I am wishing them just because I am being forced to.
6.Its very difficult for me to wake up, I really need minimum 10 hour sleep. If you let me sleep I would wake up only at 6 in the evening and that too because of a grumbling stomach. I missed the first hour of college almost 50 percent of the time. I always used to show up at 10.30 or so college. I used to dream of waking up at 6 in the morning, get ready, have breakfast on time and go cooly to college before time at least on one day! It never happened.But now I see that changing. I am attempting to fiddle my internal clock until I get things right just to change things.

Five Things I miss write now:

Okay here goes in no particular order,
1.My mom's cooking! Home Food, Oh boy! I do miss home food more than anything.
2.I miss coimbatore, I love that city. Miss riding down the coimbatore roads with cool wind hitting your face.
3.I miss being with family. Not that I dont like being with friends mind you, this is a totally different thing :D
4.This one suddenly popped up from nowhere, I now miss playing team double catcher [Our appartment's customized version of hide and seek] It sure was fun! Good ol times!
5.I totally miss the dhaba we used to own at coimbatore. Sure was a jolly good time.

Ten Things that I want to achieve in a decade:

I could sum up the ten things in one line, "Break free from laziness, Get productive, GET A LIFE!" BBut let get a specific here, targets are nothing if not specific.

1.Learn a couple new programing languages, contribute to atleast one project on source forge. Learn a few dynamic algorithms properly.
2.Learn to cook. When I say cook , I mean at least a decent three course north indian meal.
3.Learn the guitar. At least learn the guitar so much that I can kneel down and play a nice romantic song when the need arises :P
4.Do more treks this year. Go on at least one trek to himalayas. Go kayaking, rafting and the like. Visit the north, explore south east india. Go on atleast one 8-10 day biking trip.
5.Get regular to the gym.
6.Learn dancing. Go for a dance class. Shake off the I-cant-dance inhibition.
7.Start a Dhaaba!!
8.Read at least 100 books over the decade. Which sounds like very less. But that sure is a big number for me.
9.Learn a foreign language. Atleast one!
10.Learn photography. Get a DSLR, Get good at photography.Learn photoshop.

Tagged Again!

Helllo People!

The last time i was here, it was because revathi tagged me. This time its sree.

Its a sad tag!
And when I say sad , I really mean sad.

I am supposed to turn to page 123 of a book near me , scroll to the fifth line and type the next 3 lines here. Now why would anyone want to read those three lines?

I am seated on my dingy bed , in my room as i notice the book nearest to me is "Atlas shrugged" by ayn rand. The pages are dogeared. The guy who loaned it to me saw the condition and cried out loud. I am to buy him a new book! BAH! I will not. :)

Being the voracious reader that I am, I am half way through this book and have been reading it from 6 months now. I have done like 4-5 sessions of reading. *grin* Okay now back to the tag. The three lines in atlas shrugged are boring. Now i turn to this other book. This is called "The DILBERT principle". Another book I stopped reading halfway. SIGH! Am i lazy or what? :)

PRELUDE [Page 122]

A man comes into a woman's office and offers to show her a report. The woman responds by saying, "Well I m a little busy right now"
Undeterred by this mild rebuff , the man will pull up a chair and proceed to chew up an hour of the woman's valuable time. Eventually the woman's productivity will be devoured by an endless parade of men who would rather talk to her than do work. Her career will begin death spiral, until eventually she becomes a bag lady.

Okay lets turn to what scott adams has to say on page 123. The tag requires me to write only lines 6,7 and 8 but I m going to be a spoil sport as usual and write the whole paragraph.

PAGE 123

A man comes into a woman's office and offers to show her a report. The woman responds by saying, "Ah shove it up your ass and die."
The man will be momentarily shocked. It is unlikely that he will pull up a chair. Nor will he experience any bonding. He will probably back slowly out the door. The woman's productivity will skyrocket.
But what about repercussions? The woman might someday need a favor from the man she verbally abused. Fortunately for her, all men are trained at birth to accept verbal abuse from women and get over it rather quickly.
And in the unlikely event that the man shows some hesitation to be helpful in the future, the situation can be smoothed over with the simple communication technique of saying "Do it now or I ll rip off your nuts and shove them down your throat."

MORAL OF THE STORY: Women who swear will fly up the corporate ladder faster than you think :)


Sigh! Tagged! I ve been tagged by the Devil!

Oh well! Atleast this revives my dormant blog, So here goes nothing!

Last movie seen in a theatre:

Just got back from a movie, Speed Racer!
We got in 10 mins late. Actually we thought the movie was to start at 7.30 but we go there at 7.10 only to know that the movie started ten minutes ago! Anyway getting to the point, If you watch cartoons you should know speed racer, from that standpoint i liked the movie.

What book are you reading?
eRR Atlas shrugged!
Been stuck with this one from almost 3 months now! I m not an avid reader, 3-4 reading sessions done in 3 months. Oh well! You could say i m a lil lazy! ;)

Favourite board game:
Oh been a long time since I have played some board games, Hmm I would say the fun board games were monopoly and life. I hardly recollect playing anything else.

Favourite magazine:
Darn it who reads magazines that too on a regular basis? Anyways ignorant ol' me can only think of digit.

Favourite smells:

I just love the smell of lime ..

Favourite sound:

Jeez favourite sound?!

Lemme think, Do i have to have a favorite sound? Hmm ooh yeah roaring of an engine of a Ferrari or Porsche or any race car for that matter! Bikes too ;)

Now let me assure you! I havent ever seen or even heard how a porsche sounds first hand let alone drive the mean machine and you know this is more of a ... fantasy?

P.S: If any of reading this would help a poor child's dream come true, please feel free to donate money to my paypal account. Thank you! ;)

PP.S: Oye ramanan ki bachi! "silence, howling of the wind"? Pichle janam me bhoot thi kya?

Worst feeling in the world:


What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Reach for the cell phone and look at the time and no matter what time it is convince myself to go back to sleep ! :)

Favourite fast food place:

A place called Doughnuts in coimbatore. I dont fancy pizza's much, Burgers yeah.
Nothing specific. Actually! depends on the mood... Could vary from bhel puri shops to bistros to kebab shops...

Future child’s name:

WHAT?! I don't I repeat I do not think of that far in the future! I don't know what I am doing tomorrow! Nope cant answer this one, besides whats in a name?

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”

If i had a lot of money, I d spend like crazy only to become a popper again.
Go backpacking round the world, DRAG along my friends with me, ride fast cars, live in style for as long as i can....

Do you drive fast?

You could say that :)

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

Nah I used to sleep with a turtle long long ago , but that was only for a few days.
I do hug a pillow though , not an animal , but hey its stuffed!

Storms - Cool or Scary?

Storms sound Cool.
On second thought imagine getting stuck in a storm , whoa thats scary!

Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

At a restaurant of my choice when they serve a few pieces of broccoli with any sort of a platter I d bite and eat the whole damn thing.
At home I d go bleeech!

Moral: Ghar ki murgi daal barabar!
Sigh! Not really , I miss home food! :(

If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice?

Blue sounds exciting! Facial hair too! ;)

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:

Coimbatore, Chennai.

Favourite sports to watch:

I dont watch sports. Not my kinda thing...

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:

Does it really have to be nice?
Umm Full of life? Nah !

Ok I think I ll go with full of life!

What’s under your bed?

Arey bed sucks! I bought this cheap bed and now i m not using it, back to sleeping on the floor with a mattress... If had a bed I would hide random stuff under the mattress .. You know things like money, sometimes some papers, certificates even!

Would you like to be born as yourself again?

Oh yeah! [You could add a million dollars with that though]

Morning person or night owl?

Night owl ? Maybe but I m not like an insomniac , I usually sleep by 12-1 on weekdays... I wake up real late though, so that kicks me out of the morning person category!

Over easy or sunny side up?

Sunny side up.

Favourite place to relax:

No place like home!

Favourite ice cream flavour:

Butterscotch, Black current, Banana. Depends on the mood.

You pass this tag to

This is actually the best part of being tagged. But Sigh I got no one to tag! I m not tagging anyone.So the tag dies here!

Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?

This is easy ! No one :P

Monday blues ...

It’s a Monday morning; you come to consciousness at Eleven am with a stiff neck, your head still resonating from last night’s blaring music. Your neck hurts as you try to get up and then you decide its better to stay put on the bed. Besides it’s a Monday morning! Nobody goes to work on a Monday! (Err they still do?) and hence you convince yourself to go back to sleep for another 5 minutes which eventually turn to 30. At eleven thirty you realize you have got to deposit money in the bank else the cheque that you have issued towards credit card bill payment would bounce due to insufficient funds. Reluctantly you wake up cursing the credit card company, the clock, and whatsoever is remotely related with the fact of getting you out of the bed.

Ok enough of you-person-perspective and abstract writing. Although it sounds like I have had a hangover from excessive alcohol consumption; I assure you, that is definitely not the case.


Yesterday I had been to IIT Madras’ yearly cultural fest called Saarang for the rock show. The two bands for the evening were a Singapore based band called firebrands and another Delhi based band called prestorika. Firebrands had a dj et al which typically reminds me of linkin park but then who cares about that. Anyways the point is that last thing I was expecting them to play was a pink floyd number but they did it. They played a slightly improvised version of ‘another brick in the wall’. They also did various other covers like ‘one step closer’ by Linkin park and ‘wake up’ by rage against the machines which I felt was more their style… Next up was prestorika who started with an immaculate “Sandman” by Metallica which got the crowd in the Mosh Pit wooing and screaming along with the lead singer. Now Speaking of Mosh Pit, It is definitely something you have to experience! Initially I was on the sidelines but then as firebrands got into the groove and people in the Mosh Pit grew insane, I jumped into the Mosh Pit giving vent to head banging and air-guitar-ing as crazy as ever! Let go of all inhibitions and go crazy with the music! T-o-Tally insane but it was fun! The head-banging gives you delusions of floating in space hehe Remember when you were child and used to go rotating in circles with your hands in the air? This is a similar experience albeit you flow with the music. You scream the lyrics if you know, you scream similar sounding gibberish if you don’t, but you are in a trance for that moment, or maybe hypnosis with music as your master. ;) Maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit here but yeah a similar state, that... Later prestorika shifted to more of megadeth and heavy metal tending to death metal which went beyond my head, it was tiring now, I looked at the energetic crowd with awe. Although I only wanted to stay a wee bit longer I had to leave…..

The case was something like this

Me: {Imagine: a completely wasted guy in a bar pleading for one more drink }

One more number guys?

Friends: Gotta go! It’s almost over anyway {read: That’s what you ve been telling from the last two songs}

Me: Yeah anyways my neck aches {read: Giving in Helpless}, but you know a wee bit longer wouldn’t hurt would it? {grin}

*Friends thought they heard me say ‘lets go’ and thus leave in a hurry*

60 seconds later I follow…

P.S: I shall upload a few shaky low-light pics I managed to take later… So watchout :P

Music can be the best prozac?

Do you have a magic song? A song that you can relentlessly keep listening to no matter what, no matter if this is the only song on your playlist repeating for the zillionth time?

I have this weird habit of a one-song-playlist, You may find this weird or not but that’s me. :-P

I am currently listening to “wish you were here” by pink floyd for the zillionth time in a row this week. I am no pink floyd fan or I don’t swear by any particular singer or band for that matter but what I am trying to say is that this song is like magic for me right now, this song takes me to a different dimension altogether! From the moment the first chord strikes to the last second of the song is an awesome experience, It is something I can never pen down into words maybe because I live in a very abstract world or maybe this is such an abstract experience which has to be only felt or simply because I am short of words hehe

Have you ever felt music take you to a different dimension altogether, take you high? I have!

You just have to give in to the song and it will carry you away to a different world, you may cry with the song if It wants you to and if you are already in a sad mood a song may take you the heights of joy you might never have imagined. Trust me; songs can be the best Prozac ever!

Jeez! it sounds like I am drunk and blabbering, I don’t know why I would even wanna post this shit *dorky-grin*

Anyways coming back to ‘wish you were here’ , You can feel the power of the singer the moment he starts with “So, so you think you can tell? Heaven from hell, blue skies from pain…. A smile from a veil”, MAN! The lyrics leave me in awe. The guitar couldn’t be more influential on my little mind, and then when he goes to “How I wish, how I wish you were here…” The song takes control of you completely and you feel the pain of the singer who is probably missing someone very close to him. At first I dint like this song so much but now as the song is ending I find myself hitting the back button and voila there I am listening to the song yet again and enjoying every bit of it.

Thank you Pink Floyd!

P.S- Thanks for putting up with my crap. Muchos gracias! :P


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